Saturday, August 30, 2008

Rizo'd Garbanzos

I used to eat a salad every night. Always spinach. Always with Consorzio balsamic vinaigrette. Somewhere along the line though, I stopped eating salad. I forgot how good they are until Patty came over to watch some BSG and brought along the makings of a Caesar salad. She has been searching in vain for a vegan Caesar recipe and didn't even realize that she had it in her fridge all along: Girard's Light Champagne dressing. Ever since we had that salad, I've been thinking about making one and last night I did (the fancy purple carrots I got gave me the initiative). I happened to also have an unbelievably good whole wheat loaf of bread that I picked up at Lafayette's humble farmer's market. With salad and bread taken care of, I really just wanted something simple and rustic to go with them.

Enter soyrizo. So soyrizo isn't exactly rustic, but garbanzo beans are and that's actually where I started (with "Fried Garbanzo Beans" in 1080 Recipes, which I've adapted here). Soyrizo entered the game late, but goddamn if it didn't steal the show. As usual.
Several tbsp. Earth Balance
1 onion, diced
2 tomatoes, seeded and diced
2 cans garbanzos, rinsed and drained
2 tsp. pureed roasted garlic
1 tsp. paprika (smoked, hot,'s up to you)
1 package of soyrizo
3-4 tbsp. chopped fresh parsley

Melt EB in a frying pan over medium high heat. Add diced onions and saute until they begin to look translucent. Add tomatoes and continue to saute for another 8-10 minutes. Tomatoes should fall apart. Add paprika and roasted garlic, mixing thoroughly. Next, add the garbanzo beans. Turn up the heat and saute garbanzo beans until they seem "fried" to your liking. Turn the heat back down and add the soyrizo. Heat through, then turn off the heat completely. Mix most of the chopped parsley into the dish and garnish with the remaining parsley.


Georgie said...

Dude. I love chorizo but am never sure what to do with the soyrizo because the texture's so different. I'm printing this out and thawing some soyrizo immediately.

Bianca said...

That looks like a perfect balanced got your veggie group, your bread group, your protein group. You are set! And good to know about that champagne dressing!

Rural Vegan said...

Perfect pairing with some crusty bread! I love the taste of Soyrizo but the mushiness always weirds me out!