Sunday, August 10, 2008

Yellow Rose Recipes

Josh woke up feeling crappy today, so he's been camped out downstairs watching Batman Begins and the original X Files movie between naps. Not wanting to catch whatever crud he has, I've kept my ass upstairs. I took the opportunity to catch up some things around the house: touching up the paint, laundry, dishes, and cleaning out the fridge. Since we had a bunch of leftover produce going bad from the Community Cycles shindig and I need to get on my goal of trying at least one recipe from the mountains of cookbooks we own, I decided to make the Raw Corn Salsa and Aloha Bread from Yellow Rose Recipes ( I also made several other things, but that's the next post).

I originally had doubts about the salsa, though I think I was just being stubborn because it calls for cayenne instead of a fresh pepper of some sort. I'm not sure why I thought anyone could mess up salsa. I guess I have strong feelings about these things. Anyway, I need not have worried because it came out great. Completely unphotogenic, but great.

I've been eying the Aloha bread for a while and decided to actually bake something today. I hate to bake. And I don't like sweets, but that bread has all my favorite fruit in it so I had to give it a try. It does not disappoint. It was even good without the almond extract which Josh told me we had. We didn't. We have vanilla and orange and rootbeer and two bottles of lemon, but no almond. I don't particularly like almond extract anyway, so it's just as well. It's easier to taste the orange and pineapple and coconut this way.
So, so far, Yellow Rose has split even for me. I tried two recipes that I wasn't crazy about and two that I really like. Anyone else have some favorite recipes from that cookbook?

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Rural Vegan said...

I liked the Aloha Bread as well. The Mojito Pie is great, and I love her Cheezy Sauce.