Monday, March 9, 2009

You've Got to be &^%$#!!? Kidding Me.

I'll admit that this only partially works as an excuse since I hadn't been posting regularly anyway. But, I found out 2 weeks ago that i have gestational diabetes and the resulting drama of glucose tests and home blood testing and experimenting with food to see what I can eat has left me wanting to think about anything but food (for more on the diagnosis experience and how the hell an active vegan can possibly get gestational diabetes, see my other blog:

Fortunately, I see a dietitian tomorrow so we can sort this mess out, but there seems to be little rhyme or reason to what makes my blood sugar spike. However, I do know that if I stick to protein and veggies, I seem to do alright. That said, I threw together a mustard crusted tofu over roasted root veggies the other night and it was quite good. It's based on this recipe, though I added the greens, onions, ginger, and lime juice to some leftover roasted root veggies that we got from a dinner a friend made us. Turns out, it was tasty and diabetic friendly!