Sunday, April 13, 2008

Vegfest Denver

So, yesterday was Vegfest and I was too tired and too full to post a blog last night. The turnout was fantastic. Several hours before it was even over, Dan said they'd had 600+ people come through the door (and, by the way, a hearty thanks to Dan for bringing us Vegfest). The Ritz Carlton was a lovely location, the food was great, and the participants even better. The food vendors set up around the periphery of the room and the line to indulge was almost enough to make us forgo the food (that and the tofu scramble we foolishly cooked for breakfast). Watercourse, Leaf, Govindas, Black Cat, and many others served up delicious food, though Watercourse is still my favorite.

There were also tables selling everything from cookbooks to bike maps (thanks Bike Denver!) to subscriptions to VegNews to Shoes to Photography. The consumer in me was thrilled and managed to walkaway with a bag full of goods and a bit of a shopping high. And, while I appreciate the work of animal rights activist groups, their tables at events like these always leave me a little confused. I can't imagine that anyone at VegFest needs to be convinced that Factory Farming is cruel and should be stopped, and I can't help but feel sometimes that we're preaching to the choir. But still, after filling our bellies and emptying our wallets, we left better than we came.

Anyway, here's my parting shot: a parting shot of veganboyjosh and Josh Herbivore. Until next year...

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