Sunday, April 13, 2008

Lime (the restaurant)

After VegFest, the punk rock flea market, and a mad dash across Denver on our bikes that ended with us watching the bus to Lafayette pull away as we rode up, we decided to waste some time in Denver. Eventually, we found ourselves in Larimer Square.
In essence, Larimer Square is like a little piece of downtown Boulder--all pricey boutiques and dimly lit restaurants. But, like Boulder, it has its charms. One of those charms is a restaurant called Lime. While Lime first appears to cater to hipsters (as opposed to two bedraggled, just off our bikes ruffians) who want to be seen, I was pleasantly surprised to notice, upon closer inspection, that the table clothes were at least covered in paper. We decided to give it a shot. For dinner, I had the appetizer tamale plate which was delicious. The masa was light and fluffy, while the sweet corn was just sweet enough. The red chili that came with it added some smokiness that went well with the sweet corn.
Josh had the chimichanga that they made with beans and fajita veggies instead of meat. While it came out the first time with cheese, they were really good about taking it back and making sure it came out right the second time. He apparently thought it was worth the wait, since he cleaned his plate.
I did have two disappointments though. My mojito came out with about three pieces of mint in it, which left it tasting pretty plain. And, the chips they serve are way too heavy to start a meal. They serve chips that remind me of the chips that Whole Foods packages (thick, oily, and delicious for about two bites) and after half a basket I was already full (this from a girl who can eat many, many baskets of chips and still have room for dinner). But, for those of you who likfe Tequila, they did bring us complimentary shots of Tequila in hollowed out limes. Sadly, they were wasted on the likes of us...

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