Monday, May 19, 2008

Weekend Eats

It was a long, busy, beautiful weekend. Saturday, Josh was tabling at a Community Cycles event where I joined him later in the day after a leisurely ride. There's nothing more indulgent than 30 miles on your bike through rolling pastures on an 80 degree day. Since we missed the farmer's market, we decided to go to Sunflower. We managed to spend $50 on produce which, if you're familiar with Sunflower, is a lot of produce. Luckily, Josh is the only one with a trailer hitch on his bike, so he got to lug the watermelon, honeydew, and other assorted heavy produce, including these potatoes who vigorously mock their humble reputation, 12 miles home.
And yesterday we basically worked on the yard all day. I'm pretty sure the last tenants completely ignored it and we easily have as much grass as weeds. In retrospect, it doesn't actually seems like that much (and most of it was enjoyable), but it felt like it. As a result, both Friday and Saturday night we had chips and salsa for dinner. The salsa was straight from a jar. From Costco. It was one of those nights--or, actually, several of those nights.

So, last night I decided to carry on the theme in a more sophisticated manner and do a test recipe from Happy Herbivore's upcoming cookbook. I even got to play with some of the produce Josh was nice enough to haul home. Granted, Josh likes anything that includes using chips as a shovel, but we both really liked this festive dip. It was good and filling.

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veganboyjosh said...

good stuff.

made good lunch leftovers, too.