Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Red Bean Dal and Freezing Broth

I was looking for something easy today after taking a nap that intruded way into my cooking time (I think seeing multiple snakes today on my run wore me out) and I came across Robin Robertson's recipes on the Humane Society website. The quick red bean dal is quick and delicious and doesn't photograph worth a damn.

Oh, and I made a convenient discovery today. I made a batch of veggie broth in the slow cooker and have been experimenting with various ways to freeze it (our muffin tin finally gave up the ghost--or the rust actually). It dawned on me that the Tofutti cream cheese containers are perfect. I go through tons of cream cheese and have ended up with more empty contianers than I know what to do with. Now I know: the 8 ounce size is perfect for freezing broth.


Rural Vegan said...

Good idea on the cream cheese containers. I save plastic water/soda bottles and use those too.

Anonymous said...

Oooo...would you be willing to share your slow-cooker vegetable broth recipe?!