Wednesday, July 7, 2010

What Do Vegan Toddlers Eat?: Day Two

1 brown rice sausage breakfast patty
1 banana pancake
Note: This is a lot of tan food. He actually only ate the pancake and then ate half a banana. He ate the sausage for a snack. The sausage is my attempt at replicating the deliciousness they serve at Vertical Diner: Gimme Lean, brown rice, oil, maple syrup, thyme, and cayenne all mixed together and lightly pan fried.
1/2 banana
A handful of green grapes

1/2 cuban black bean burrito
Note: Eames finished what Aspen didn't eat. I made 2 pounds (!!!!) of cuban black beans last week and finally finished the last them in burritos yesterday. Cuban black beans and rice is one of the cheapest, most delicious meals ever.

Strawberries, nuts, blueberries, and some plantain chips
Note: On some afternoons, Eames goes next door so I can try to get some writing done. He usually eats a big pile of fruit while he's there and this is what he had left in front of him when I went to pick him up.

1/2 Daiya quesadilla with avocado and tomato
Note: This is a standby for me. Since Daiya hit the market, I've been making quesadillas for him--mostly, because I can. I make them with spelt tortillas and try to serve it with a deconstructed salsa. One that he can feed himself. Eames loves this dish.

Green banana soymilk
Note: Spinach makes the banana soy milk green. He goes back and forth on this. Sometimes he slurps it down and other times he won't touch it. I think it depends on how strong the spinach tastes. Occasionally, it's pretty strong no matter how much I put in. On another note, Eames has taken to drinking my coffee, but I'm not going to put that on here. Bad mommy.

And, when the fruit is gone, the bowl makes a spectacular hat. The aliens can't penetrate his mind this way.

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