Monday, October 6, 2008

Vegan MoFo: Tsuey Yuh Slice

Don't know how to pronounce it. Don't really know what it's supposed to be, but I know it's good:
This little nugget of veggie goodness resides at Pacific Ocean Market, the mother of all Asian markets (at least in this neck of the woods). It is the size of a small Safeway, is stocked with exotic and wonderful foods (and some not so wonderful), and smells like day old fish. It's quite an adventure shopping there since most of the labels aren't in English, products tend to migrate around the store, and everyone there speaks a combination of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Tagalog with perhaps a bit of Korean thrown in. I speak none of these. Once when I asked after curry leaves, one of their employees threw a bag of bay leaves in my bag. I tried to explain that I wanted curry leaves and she simply replied, "Yes, to put in curry." I bought them anyway.

The real pleasure, though, is digging through the shifting freezer section of mystery veggie meats. Twice in a row now (!!!), they've had Tsuey Yuh Slice which is best described as a dense sponge with a chickenish taste. You know, if an old sponge full of chicken flavor actually tasted good.
(Tsuey Yuh Slice with veggies, coconut milk, green curry, and lime juice)


Bianca said...

I love the mystery of veggie meats at Asian markets! But I do hate that rotten fish smell. They all have that!

Bethany said...

wow, that looks really good. I like to try out this type of stuff now and then. The last one I tried was Chai Pow Yu that was in a can. Sort of like very spongey seitan with a light 5 spice taste.

bianca is right, there is always part of asian markets that reek of rotten fish. eeew.

VeganView said...

Hmmm I have never seen that before but looks very intriguing. I just came across your blog and love it. Vegan bikers rock!