Monday, July 14, 2008

Raw Cashew Cheesecake (from July/August Vegetarian Times)

Two cups of macademia nuts in the crust + a cup and half of cashews in the filling + 3 cups of berries for the top=EXPENSIVE

Plus, the recipe makes more crust than filling, so I pureed the berries to fill out the crust.

Overall, not really worth it.


Happy Herbivore! said...

Mmm... i have been craving vegan cheese cake lately but i didnt want to just use a big blog of tofu.. cashews... now that's my speed.

veganboyjosh said...

it was good. i wasn't there for the building of the thing, so i'm not sure how labor intensive it was. i was there for the purchasing of the macadamias, tho, so i can vouch for the fact that it wasn't cheap.

there were a lot of berries, but since it was all raw, having it for breakfast was goooooooood.

i think the cheesecake filling and the crust is worth keeping, and making for that raw potluck your hippy new age friends are having.