Thursday, July 17, 2008

Cold Brewed Minty Iced Coffee

Despite the attendant heat, I look forward to summer for many reasons. However, perhaps the best thing about summer (besides mojitos) is this drink: Minty Iced Coffee. I sometimes go to the local coffee shop for one, where it seems I've started a trend. The last time I was there 3 other people were also drinking coffee that looked strangely radioactive. But, most of the time I make it at home since finding a coffee shop that carries the right syrup can be hard. In fact, this summer I've taken to cold brewing the coffee, which produces coffee that is smoother than coffee brewed with hot water, and buying the syrup in bulk so I don't run out (I get mine at a gourmet kitchen shop but you can find it at some coffee shops and online). Getting up at 5:45 to get Aspen to swim practice at 6:30 requires sufficient caffeine. This ensures that I get her to practice on time and gives me the oomph to go for a run at such an ungodly hour.
Cold Brewed Coffee
2/3 cup medium ground coffee
a large mason jar
enough filtered water to fill the jar
Coffee filter or cheesecloth

I actually don't measure the coffee. I fill my grinder up with beans, grind them, transfer them to the mason jar, and repeat. I think it's around 2/3 cup. Fill jar with water, put the lid on, and shake. Let the jar sit overnight--unrefrigerated. Filter coffee into a pitcher. I use a mesh strainer lined with a a coffee filter. Then add some water to the coffee if you like. It'll be quite strong--depending on how big your jar is and how much coffee you used. I get a full pitcher of coffee out of this recipe.

For Minty Iced Coffee:
Fill a glass with ice cubes and 3/4 of the way with cold brewed coffee. Add soy creamer (about 3/4 inch), then pour in Torani Creme de Menthe syrup (you can use peppermint, which is easier to find, but I think it's too harsh) for a 2 second count. Mix and enjoy!


Bianca said...

Light and refreshing and yummy! I love iced coffee in the summertime, but I've never tried it with creme de menthe syrup. It's so pretty.

BTW, I'll have to try that cold-brewed coffee b/c I hate sticking my coffee in the freezer to cool of. I'm kinda impatient like that.

veganboyjosh said...

it should be noted that the large mason jar is actually an extra large (half gallon) mason jar.

Inanna said...

Mmmmm, sounds heavenly!!

Amy said...

I just found your blog by way of the smitten kitchen cold-brew coffee post (and it's a vegan blog- yay!). I have to second the love for that Torani syrup. I used to get it pre-vegan at a coffee place that does not have soy milk, so I haven't had it in a long time. Thanks for reminding me about it! :)