Thursday, June 5, 2008

Tuna Casserole

Ok, it's not a tuna casserole, but I decided to make this because it reminds me of the tuna casserole (tuna, cream of chicken, corn tortillas, a jar of salsa, milk, and a whole lotta cheese) my mom used to make that I loved so very much. I tried to replicate it once with Tuno, but it was a disaster. I wouldn't even let anyone else try it. This recipe, however, came really close. I think it needs a bit of tinkering, but it definitely satisfied the craving. Josh loved it.


Rural Vegan said...

That does look good, and I haven't had a tuna casserole in so long I couldn't tell you what it's supposed to taste like anyway!

Georgie said...

Link = no longer working :-(